Test Driving Used Cars For Sale In Murphy NC

Did you know that many used car buyers do not actually test drive a car before they make a purchase? I believe that this style of car buying may cause you to make the wrong buying decision.
At Lifetime Kia we encourage you to test drive our new and used cars for sale until you get to that point of just knowing that you have found the right vehicle for you.

Before test driving your vehicle, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind

Research vehicles that have the features you are looking for and that are within your budget.
Call ahead and make an appointment for a test drive.
Bring your driver’s license and proof of insurance.
Research financing options.
Reserve enough time in your day for test driving used cars for sale.
Make a checklist of what to look at when test driving.
Check for scratches, damage, rust with new and used cars for sale.
Can you easily pair your phone with Bluetooth?
Is fuel economy important to you?
Drive the car on the type of roads that you would be driving on daily.
Make sure the engine runs well and listen for odd sounding noises that may be a problem.
Drive the car and get a good feel for it.
While driving, listen for any noises that could mean that the vehicle needs repair.
Does the car accelerate quickly and shift smoothly? If the engine sputters this is probably going to cost money to fix.
Test the brakes to see if they can safely stop the vehicle in a hurry.

Most used cars for sale in Murphy NC have been in great shape for a great price. However, If you notice any problems while test driving the vehicle you can ask to have a mechanic look at it. If you don’t notice any problems and the vehicle seems to match what you are looking for then it is time to discuss the price and financing with the sales department.

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